Minimalist Dining Room Wall Decor for More Graceful Room

Minimalist Dining Room Wall Decor for More Graceful Room

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Dining room wall decor would be great ideas to decorate minimalist dining room. Less usage of furnitures may cause empty feeling in the dining room. However, you cannot add more gorgeous furnitures because it will be broke the minimalist style rules. As an alternative, you can use the dining room wall for more aesthetical elements. Of course, the decoration will not out of minimalist boundaries.

Dining room wall decor ideas for minimalist dining room designs should following all minimalist rules. Some of the rules are below. First, the ornaments must be clear and simple without any arch lines. Second, you may use bright colours as an contrast to minimalist room color themes. Third, avoid crowded decorations arrangement, think about the size balances. For instance, if you already have complex abstract painting, framed it with only simple frame. And the fourth rules, you may use unusal shape ornaments which will be add uniqueness, but once again, remember to limit the quantity.

One good minimalist wall decor was created by Ehrlich Architects. Maximalizing the wall spaces, they made the wall itself as a decorative elements. They installed a white bricks wallpaper on the wall, made it looks traditional yet clear. For more artistic touch, an abstract oil painting on big size canvas is hanged in the wall. The stunning abstract painting containing black, grey, red, and yellow color. It becomes the only decorative on the wall, but it is an exact options to keep minimalist style in hand. Another incredible paintings idea for minimalist dining room is used by Cheryl Burke. Different from the first painting, it has brighter color which beautifully contrasting with the white wall. This colorful painting is illustrated a man in black tuxedo surrounded by orange, pink, and red colours. Orange is the brightest color in this painting, and its brightness spread out to the whole dining room.

For more natural dining room wall decals, you may use living green plants. Fowler Interiors applied go green spirit to decorating minimalist room walls. They installed two flat racks on the wall, then put some white cube pot with green grass on each pot. This decorations idea goes along well with the whole minimalist room. Moreover, see living plants in the room will make you happier by the day.

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